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Healthy Weight Loss Solution Introductory Webinar Are you ready to lose that COVID-19 weight and reset your health, energy and feel great in your clothes again?
Dr. Jeff Roush, owner and director of Core Wellness and Core Restore is already helping his patients regain their wellness and reverse the risk of chronic disease with a weight loss model that is proven to be safe, effective, and EASY.
He would like to share what his patients are already doing to help you decide if you'd like to join in the fun.
Jan 20, 20216:00pm MST1 hour
Feel Great Again: You don't have to live with Menopause Symptoms- A Free Webinar with Dr. Roush If you are ready to move beyond the sleepless nights, daytime fatigue, and endless hotflashes, join Dr. Jeff Roush, an expert in Menopause and Peri-Menopausal health, for this free 1 hour webinar on understanding and treating menopausal symptoms. Dr. Roush has nearly 15 years of experience helping women regain energy and feel like themselves again. He understands that many woman often feel left in the dark about what to expect in menopause or what their options are for treatment. He will provide up to date information on a variety of topics including the use of hormone therapy, alternative options for hot flashes, how to restore mood and how to get better sleep. Jan 27, 20216:30pm MST1 hour

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Dr. Roush's 30 Day Guide to Menopause Solutions

What You'll Learn In This Guide

In Dr. Roush's Free 30 Day Guide to Menopause Solutions you will learn healthy habits you can implement yourself from home to balance your hormones naturally and start your journey to symptom relief. 

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(Online and Tele-Medicine Appointments Available)