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Women's Health

We value the priorities, goals, resources, and history of each woman, individually. 

We honor what you want, why you came and do our best to meet your stated need. 

We do physical exams, pelvic exams and pap smears, breast exams and mammograms. We take care of various acute complaints. 

Our experience is that naturopathic medicine offers the most hope in many chronic conditions. We do laboratory medicine and diagnostic imaging. Those are discussed in detail on this site.

Our Approach...

We want to know, when did this start? Describe it as exactly as you can. We take time to talk about the frequency, duration and intensity of your symptoms. We can help you learn to be a better observer. 

Doctors are guilty (us too sometimes) of jumping too quickly to a diagnosis, a remedy, a prescription, another diagnostic test. Patients will do that too. 

A woman comes in and says “I have IBS.” Irritable bowel syndrome was a diagnosis maybe given her by a doctor 20 years ago, or maybe found on line yesterday. These are different situations. 

If we leap from IBS to a cookbook treatment plan, we may miss understanding your essential experience. That must be explored fully before we even begin to think about a treatment plan.


One woman with labs reporting diabetes is entirely different that another woman with exactly the same blood sugar (serum glucose). The first might be obese and inactive. The second might be anxious and overburdened. Even with exactly the same number on a lab test, treatment plans would differ.

This is the brilliance of naturopathic medicine. We work with individual symptoms and systems and don’t assume that everyone is the same. Conventional medicine, prompted by insurance companies, treats the herd not the individual. They look at studies that say, in most this true so we will assume it is true for you. Even though the study could be authentically valuable in informing your individual decision, it can never account for your individual goals, priorities, history etc.

Three steps to wellness...

First we assess every aspect of your symptoms to identify the root cause of the problem. 

Second, our job is to inform and educate you about a broad spectrum of choices in naturopathic, alternative and conventional offerings

In assessing what might work for you, we encapsulate years of education, continuing education and experience with hundreds of women. We tell you stories and tell you things about ourselves if we think they will be helpful to you. Our teaching style is one of personal relationship

Third, we are looking together for the one thing we can change that helps you most right now.

After understanding your situation and condition we work to find the three or four things that will most help you right now. 

But which one do you want to do? Which can you commit to? What key supplement might help? 

We often remind women that we are offering menus in health, not recipes. In a recipe you need to do it all. A menu offers you choices. 

We encourage and enable the goal of long term wellness. 

Some patients may not need an in-depth approach. 

Our goal with patients is a one-hour visit every year when we efficiently finish exams, prescriptions and supplements planning—all with an eye to healthy aging. 

Living more years is not the goal. The goal is independence to advanced ages. We want to be vigorous right up to the time we die. Something of this is injected into nearly every visit. Nutrition, an active lifestyle and ability with deep relaxation are key in our experience. 

Nutrition, an active lifestyle and ability with deep relaxation are key in our treatment offerings, not because they are naturopathic but because they are things that most ensure wellness in aging


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