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Weight Loss

If you are like many of our patients who struggle with their weight and are feeling sluggish, uncomfortable in your clothes, and frankly uncertain or frustrated about what to do or where to go, you are not alone.  

What many people fail to realize is that not only do those extra pounds affect how you feel on the outside, it also affects your health on the inside by putting you at greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases of aging. 

“I love this program because it so easy to follow and I can see my results weekly”    

At Core Wellness we want more than just to help our patients feel and look better, we want them to achieve long lasting health too. 

So we now offer our Weight Loss, Gain Health  program which utilizes the Ideal Protein Method for eliminating body fat and  improving  your  health once and for all! 

This doctor supervised program has three key elements to help you achieve lasting results. 

  1. It utilizes a proven approach to burning fat efficiently without the worry about muscle loss.   
  2. It provides a structured method for sustaining your goal weight for good
  3. It supports you every step of the way with your own weight loss coach.  

We are also committed to working with the rest of your healthcare team, as needed, so they are kept up to speed on your progress toward better health and wellness.  

If you are ready to regain your waist line and your health, join us for one of our Free Weight Loss Educational Talks or request a
Weight Loss Discovery Session with one of our doctors or coaches today.  

“The biggest difference is being able to meet with the 
coach weekly. It really keeps me on track” 


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