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Functional Testing & CDL Exams

At Core Wellness we conduct a variety of tests to ensure we get to the root cause of your health issues.

We offer a full spectrum of laboratory testing services. In addition to providing standard medical testing, we offer many different types of alternative and specialty testing as well. Many of these specialty tests can be used to identify risk factors of disease, environmental toxicities, nutritional status, or many other health concerns. 

Below are some of the more common tests we utilize...

Specialized Lab Testing 

Hormone Testing 

We use both blood and saliva hormone testing to find where your hormone imbalances are. We provide comprehensive panels for understanding your thyroid and adrenal health as well as a complete array of hormone testing such as estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, Prenenolone and others.

Through this testing we can isolate where you need the most support and get to the root cause of your problem.

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 

For patients with chronic digestive complaints, autoimmune disease, and trouble with fatigue and inflammation, we offer very thorough digestive testing which gives us a host of information including how your digestion is working, if you have inflammation in your gut, if you have enough good bugs (microbiome) and if you have thing like yeast or parasites that may be compromising your health.   

Hydrogen Breath Testing 

This test is perfect for someone who has been told they have IBS and are frustrated with feeling bloated and fatigued with recurring episodes of diarrhea, loose stool, or constipation… or all three!!   

Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis

Used to determine if nutritional deficiencies may cause your health problems. Very helpful in evaluation of many chronic degenerative diseases  

Food Sensitivity Testing 

A blood test that looks at over 80 foods and possible sensitivities to them.

Heavy Metal Testing 

Used to determine the presence of potentially health damaging metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.  

CDL Exams

CDL Physical Exams for commercial drivers

Dr. Roush is a certified medical examiner by the FMCSA to perform required physical examinations for commercial drivers. These exams need to be performed on a routine basis to ensure public safety on roads and highways. As of 2014, practitioners who perform these exams need to carry the appropriate certification. 

We are happy to offer all of these important tests and services at Core Wellness. 

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