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Men's Health

Bring health concerns and questions to us before they become advanced conditions. You will be reassured and feel more confident about your wellness after your visit in our clinic.

Call the office today to discuss your symptoms and we'll be happy to help.

While women typically are more comfortable visiting a doctor, we have similar concerns about men’s health and vitality, especially in aging.

These might include concerns about heart health, gastrointestinal challenges, mood disorders, diabetes or metabolic changes, muscle and joint problems and endocrine concerns like abnormal thyroid function. 

Men also have concerns that are specific to…men. These include prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, concerns about sex drive or simply “feeling old”.


At Core Wellness, we understand and are prepared to help you with these the similar and not-so-similar problems. These include doing annual wellness exams and lab testing, ordering routine screening exams specific to aging, assessing hormone imbalances specific to men, and providing comprehensive treatment strategies that work for each individual.

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