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A 6 Week Online Program with Dr. Jeff Roush ND

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Dr. Jeff Roush

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Roush has helped hundreds of women get relief from their menopause symptoms using natural medicine treatments and solutions to balance their hormones, increase their energy and get back to feeling like themselves again. 

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January 21st



What to expect in this program:

Week 1: 
Understanding Your Hormones

  • Know which hormones do what to your body
  • Testing & Evaluation Methods
  • Identify the root  cause of your symptoms

Week 2: 
Relief for Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

  • Learn what causes them
  • Lifestyle, Hormone &
    Non Hormone Therapy
  • The Natural steps to reduce or even stop them completely

Week 3: 
Getting a Better Night's Sleep

  • Sleep Pattern Problems
  • Natural Solutions for a Better Nights Sleep 
  • Wake up feeling rested and energized

Week 4: 
Relieve Your Stress & Reduce Mood Swings

  • Understand Mood Issues with Menopause
  • Overcome Stress & Anxiety
  • Start Loving Your Life Again!

Week 5: 
Weight Management 
 & Metabolism

  • How to loose and/or manage weight during menopause
  • Why Your Metabolism matters
  • Weight Loss Options

Week 6: 
Improve Your Libido & Enjoy Intimacy Again

  • Why menopause causes women to lose interest in sex
  • Natural Solutions to improve interest & comfort

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