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Functional and Integrative Medicine

Optimal Health

Step 1

Helping our patients achieve, maintain and enjoy optimal health naturally is our number one focus at Core Wellness.

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Look & Feel Great 

Step 1

Using state of the art technology and natural techniques we help clients achieve their ideal weight and body shape.
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Hormone Therapy

Step 3

 Dr. Roush helps women suffering from the many symptoms of hormone imbalance feel great again with his natural menopause symptom solutions.

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Natural Medicine

Step 4

As a Naturopathic Doctor,
Dr. Roush treats all patients  using natural medicine to get to the root cause of their problem so they can get back to living a life they love. 

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What You'll Learn In This Guide

In Dr. Roush's Free 30 Day Guide to Menopause Solutions you will learn healthy habits you can implement yourself from home to balance your hormones naturally and start your journey to symptom relief. 

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