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Dr. Jeff Roush ND

Owner and Medical Director

As owner and medical director of Core Wellness, Dr. Roush offers naturopathic primary care to women and their families.

Since coming to Helena in 2006 he has developed a reputation for outstanding acute and chronic disease assessment and management, women's healthcare, menopausal transition management, and total family care

He combines effective conventional and unconventional diagnostic tools including comprehensive history taking, complete physical exams, standard and functional lab assessment, hormone and thyroid testing, as well as digestion and nutritional analysis.

As medical director of Core Wellness, Dr. Roush takes responsibility for every aspect of your interaction in the clinic. He supervises all staff including the other clinic physicians. 

Always feel free to call him with any concerns.

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Dr. Roush received his medical degree from Bastyr University, one of the nation's most prestigious naturopathic medical schools after he initially received his BA in Zoology from Miami University in Oxford, OH.

Dr. Roush completes annual training in menopausal management through the Institute for Women's Health and the American Menopause Society. He has significant experience using hormone and non-hormone therapies to support women through menopause, including bio-identical hormone therapy.  Dr. Roush’s short term goal is to improve quality of life by addressing their most concerning symptoms and his long term goal is to promote health and wellness in prevention of chronic illness in all of his patients.    

Dr. Roush also enjoys treating a variety of digestive complaints including IBS and SIBO. He has completed a variety of post graduate courses in this area.

He has completed extensive training in the use of IV therapies, including the use of high dose Vitamin C for chronic infections and other antioxidants to promote wellness and Regenerative Injections Therapies such as prolotherapy and PRP for chronic musculoskeletal complaints. 

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Dr. Shaun Riddle ND

 Dr. Shaun Riddle, ND has been practicing naturopathic medicine for over 15 years.  He is interested in finding the underlying causes for health issues instead of just treating a person’s symptoms.  He is interested in patients eventually becoming both symptom & medication free.

Beginning with conventional blood work, he looks for clues as to how the different systems of the body are working.  If needed, then functional medicine labs are recommended to look more deeply for things like mold exposure, chronic infections as well as intestinal bacterial & fungal overgrowth.

As a physician who looks at the whole person, he also evaluates for emotional & epigenetic contributors to a person’s health.  

Once a complete picture of a person’s health status is obtained, he can then recommend a truly holistic approach to healing that will likely differ radically from anything a person has received from a conventional doctor.  This can include specific diet & lifestyle changes, IV therapies, exercise, emotional clearing, herbal & vitamin therapies &/or hormone replacement.

Dr. Shaun Riddle

Naturopathic Doctor

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Dr. Riddle obtained his doctoral degree from Bastyr University.  He also has a Master’s of Teaching & Bachelor’s in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University.   When not seeing patients, you might find him fishing, hunting or exploring the wilderness areas of Montana.    

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Tracy Johnston

 From making your appointment to checking you out at the front desk, I strive to make your experience at Core Wellness wonderful. 

I joined the team in January 2019 after spending sixteen years working as the office manage at an audiology clinic in Cheyenne, WY.  I love the naturopathic approach of treating the whole person and equally love to make patients feel welcome from the time they walk in our door. 

I am a mom of four and a Grandma of eleven. My hubby Steve and I love spending time with the grandkids and spoiling them!  We love to canoe and camp and have done many trips to the Boundary Waters which is a passion of ours.

Tracy Johnston
Office Manager

Scout Voss
Medical Assistant

Scout Voss

 Hi there! I’m Scout, a part time medical assistant at Core Wellness.

 I am currently a Carroll College nursing student graduating in 2021. 

You might interact with me when you come in for blood draws and IV’s, I also assist Dr. Roush with annual appointments and scheduling patients behind the front desk. 

When I am not at work or in school you can find me outside enjoying the many Helena activities or in my kitchen trying a new recipe.

 I look forward to being a part of your care team at Core Wellness!

Kay Robison
Advanced Practice Nurse & 
Family Nurse Practitioner

Kay Robison: APRN, FNP, CWCN, BS RN

Kay Robison, Advanced Practice Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner at CoreWellness in Helena, has been certified in the Bredesen Protocol through the Institute for Functional Medicine-approved by 
Dr. Bredesen for certification of practitioners.  

The Bredesen Protocol has proven effective in the prevention and reversal of cognitive impairment in the earlier stages of Alzheimer's Disease.

If you are seeking an experienced professional, qualified in the Bredesen Protocol to help you or your loved one on your journey to a Sound Mind and better health, please contact me. I understand what you are going through.

Read More About Kay & her "Granny's" Alzheimers Story  ...

My granny, a Butte girl, had her first baby at age 17, her second at 19 and raised them during the Depression with her mother's help.  She was an Irish beauty with black hair and sparkly blue eyes, a space between her two front teeth and a giggle.  

She loved good jokes, funny stories and cherished her friendships.  I miss her!  It was hard when she passed, but even harder to watch her disappear while she was still living.  

Dementia robbed her of who she was. 

 This neurodegernerative disease, considered irreversible in the 1990's, left us without hope of  getting her back.  By the time she was displaying significant disorientation and confusion, the disease had been destroying her mind for decades.  To prevent this progressive deterioration, it would have been necessary to begin treatment years earlier.

  • Now we know.
  • Now we can intervene, 
  • Prevent, 
  • And Reverse early cognitive decline.

Alzheimers Disease is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., the most common cause of dementia and women at any age are 2/3's more likely than men to develop Alzheimer's.  Cognitive impairment does not happen for no reason and the best responses to treatment occur early in the process of decline.  Dr. Dale Bredesen, physician and “world class” neuroscience researcher  has developed the Bredesen Protocol for the prevention and reversal of cognitive decline.

If you think you are “slipping”-listen to yourself-get tested, get with the Program and give yourself the future you deserve.  You can learn more at ahnphealth.com

Kay Robison's Program...

To book your first or next appointment with Kay, please call the front desk at (406) 442-8508 

Or click to learn more about her program please visit her website at www.soundmind406.com

Peg Holwick, LMT  

 Peg has been a licensed massage therapist in the state of Montana for over 20 years, specializing in rehabilitative, advanced manually integrative massage modalities studied in the US and abroad.  

Peg serves as a professional member on the State Massage Therapy Board, and maintains a high standard of continuing education and certifications to provide customized and genuinely caring treatment for each client’s specific needs.  

Whether it be overuse injuries from sports, accidents, or everyday sprains, strains, or stresses, the appropriate myofascial techniques help clients achieve pain-free mobility.  

Peg maintains a full-time practice at Core Wellness clinic and believes in the team effort there which affords patients a wide array of treatments and care for optimal health.  

Remember, “Every body deserves a massage!”.

To Book Your Massage Appointment with Peg...

To book your massage appointment with Peg, please call her directly at;   (406) 431-9741   
or email her at  pholwick@gmail.com and she will be happy to book your massage.

Peg Holwick
Licensed Massage Therapist